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Why product visuals are so important
Why product visuals are so important
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One of the most important ways to make your store stand out from the competition is by ensuring that your product images are high-quality and visually appealing.

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According to Justuno, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. This means that your product photos, also known as mockups, play a major role in influencing whether your customers decide to buy from your store or not.

Here are a few areas where great product images can make an impact on your business:

  • Increase sales:
    Good product photos help customers visualize themselves using your products. Make a customer's buying experience more informed and tempting with lifestyle photography to encourage a quick purchase without second guessing.

  • Capture attention:
    Customers' first impression of a product is often from its photo - providing a great first impression ensures they continue to explore the product and return again later.

  • Elevate your brand:
    High-quality photos are associated with high-quality products. Providing great images can help you build trust with your customers and improve brand loyalty.

  • Help you stand out from the competition:As mentioned, 93% of customers consider visual appearance the key deciding factor in a purchase decision. A great photo could help you secure the sale when comparing your products with your competitors.

  • Educate customers:
    Ever ordered a product online, just to receive it and been disappointed that it didn’t match the photo? Providing high-quality, accurate photos ensures that your customers are educated on what they will be receiving, and decreases the likelihood of returns.

What makes a good product photo?

A few small details can make a big impact on how your product images are perceived. Consider these key characteristics:

High-resolution images - it’s all in the details. High-quality products start with high-quality photos. Nobody likes looking at pixelated photos.

Simple background - features a clean background in a neutral, or on-brand color.

Multiple images - customers want to see your product as they would in the real world. For example, feature apparel products with models of different sizes and ethnicities, as well as full-body and close-up shots.

How can Gelato help you?

We’ve established that high-quality photographs can be a game-changer for your business - but not everyone has access to studio lighting, an expensive camera, models, and the long list of tools and gadgets needed to create these images. We’ve got you covered! Our design team has curated hundreds of stunning studio-quality apparel and wall art mockups, ready for you to use, all with a subscription to Gelato+ or Gelato+ Gold. Simply select your desired scene or model and you’re set!

Your mockups, your way

With our new Mockup Studio tool, you can effortlessly create mockup templates for any wall art product and personalize them with your own unique elements. Give your customers something to be excited about. Use the Mockup Studio to instantly integrate sales-boosting product previews into your store.

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