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Gelato+ Gold: What is workflow automation?
Gelato+ Gold: What is workflow automation?
Updated over a week ago

Using workflow automation, it is possible for you to easily upload your customized designs and approve your Pending Approval orders when the orders' artwork is ready.

If you are selling customized products that require you to create personalized designs (such as custom pet portraits or posters based on your customers' photos), you may be using our Manual Order Approval Workflow to handle your orders. The manual order approval workflow allows you to manually update the artwork and approve Pending Approval orders before they are produced.

Workflow automation can allow you to easily upload your completed customized artwork to the correct orders and automatically approve these orders so that you do not have to do so manually for each and every order. Our system will check your account every hour and match the customized artwork file to the correct product and send it through to fulfillment. This allows you to save time and focus on other important parts of your business!

This feature is also compatible with Shopify apps that you may use for personalizing orders.

To read more on how to set up workflow automation for your store, you can check out our following Help Center articles:

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