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How can I order customized designs through Wix?
How can I order customized designs through Wix?
Updated over a week ago

This article provides guidance on how to manage orders for customized products through Wix, offering solutions for both manual and automated workflows.

Manual Order Approval

For products that require modifications to the artwork before fulfillment, the manual approval workflow is recommended. This approach gives you control over design changes and ensures accuracy before production begins. To learn more about this process, refer to our comprehensive guide: What is the manual order approval workflow?

Automated Product Personalization with Gelato+

Gelato+ subscribers can leverage the Product Personalization Tool, empowering customers to personalize their orders directly after purchase. This feature streamlines the customization process and enhances the customer experience. For detailed information on configuring and utilizing this tool, please review the following article: Personalization of Products for non-Shopify Platforms. To explore the benefits and features of Gelato+, visit: Gelato+.

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