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How can I order customized designs through Etsy?
How can I order customized designs through Etsy?
Updated over a week ago

This article provides a guide on how to effectively manage orders for customized products on Etsy using Gelato's manual order approval workflow.

Understanding Manual Order Approval

When your Etsy shop features products that necessitate personalized artwork, such as custom designs, enabling the manual order approval workflow within Gelato can streamline your fulfillment process. This functionality provides a structured approach to handle orders that require your review and design customization before they are produced and shipped.

How it Works

Once activated, every order placed by your customers is automatically designated as "Pending Approval." This status indicates that your attention is required to review the order details, create or finalize the custom design based on the customer's specifications, and then approve the order for production.

This approach ensures that each customized order is meticulously reviewed, preventing premature processing and potential errors. By incorporating manual approval, you maintain control over the quality and accuracy of your customized products.

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