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Where can I manage my Gelato+ subscription?
Where can I manage my Gelato+ subscription?
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This article provides a concise guide on accessing and managing your Gelato+ subscription. You'll learn how to navigate to your subscription settings, understand the options available, and perform actions like updating payment details or canceling your subscription.

Accessing Your Subscription

To manage your Gelato+ subscription, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Gelato account.

  2. Click on your initials located in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Navigate to the Subscriptions section.

  4. Click on the Change Plan button.

A popup window will appear, displaying the current status of your Gelato+ subscription.

Managing Your Subscription

From your Gelato+ subscription window, you can perform various actions:

  • Overview: View details of your current Gelato+ plan.

  • Billing Details: Update the billing information associated with your subscription.

  • Payment Details: Change or add payment methods for your subscription renewal.

  • Billing History: Access your billing history and download invoices or receipts for your records. You can learn more about managing invoices here.

  • Cancellation: Cancel your Gelato+ subscription. For detailed instructions on canceling, refer to our guide here.

Need More Help?

For additional assistance or information about Gelato+, please visit our Help Center.

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