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How can I cancel my Gelato+ subscription?
How can I cancel my Gelato+ subscription?
Updated over a week ago

To cancel your Gelato+ subscription, click on your initials in the upper right corner of the dashboard and navigate to Subscriptions > Click on three dots in the relevant subscription tile > Click on Cancel Plan.

You can provide us with your feedback as to why you would like to cancel your subscription.

Gelato+ Canceling subscription.gif

When you confirm the cancellation, you will see the date when the subscription will be canceled. You will be able to use Gelato+ features until that date.


If you face difficulties canceling your subscription, do not hesitate to reach our support team who will be happy to help!

Please note that after cancelation, you will lose access to Gelato+ features and orders for products that were created with Gelato+ features may fail. You can read more about this in our article What happens when my Gelato+ subscription ends?

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