How do I design a photo book?
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You can create a photo book using our online design editor or by uploading a print-ready file.

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Using our Design Editor

To use our design editor for your photobook design, first, navigate to the product page of our photo books. Select the desired dimension, orientation (if applicable), and the number of inner pages. Then, launch the design editor by clicking on the 'Start Designing' button on the photo book product page.

Aside from adding the photobook to the order, you will also be able to save it as a template. The template will allow you to finish editing later, add it to the store, or use it in your new manual order.

It is currently possible to design the spine and back cover of the photo book through the design editor.

You can also use any of our convenient layouts and include your designs and photos on the artboard.

Uploading your design with our PDF template

If you want to have more control over your design and create a print-ready file, you can first download the design template from the product page. First select the dimensions of the photo book, orientation (if applicable), and the number of inner pages. Then, click on the menu button next to the blue Start Designing button, and select Download template. The design template for this format will be downloaded to your device, which you can then open in your design program and use as a guide layer for creating your design.


Your entire photo book's design should be submitted as one single PDF document containing both the cover and the inner pages.

Understanding the Photo Book design template

Let's take the example of an 8x11 inch softcover photo book with 30 inner printable pages. After downloading our design template, you'll find that the PDF has 33 pages:

  • Page 1 of the PDF is a spread containing the front cover, the spine, and the back cover

  • Page 2 of the PDF is blank and cannot be printed (It is the back part of the front cover)

  • Pages 3-32 of the PDF should be added as single pages (not spread) and are the ones that will contain your design

  • Page 33 of the PDF is blank and cannot be printed (It is the back part of the back cover)


Remember to leave page 2 the page at the end blank of the PDF document.

  • The number of pages you select in the catalog includes only the internal printable pages

Printable pages.png

Adding a Photo Book to your store by uploading the design template

If you are adding a photo book to your store as a product, you may notice that it is not directly possible to design it by uploading your print-ready file. However, if this is how you wish to add your photo book product, this is still possible by following this workaround:

  1. Add a placeholder photo book product to your store.

    If you add a front cover to your placeholder product Gelato will generate a mockup and publish it to your store so you may not need to update it later.

  2. Find the product in the store section in Gelato and select it.

  3. Disconnect the product by clicking on the button with the three dots next to the pencil icon and selecting 'Disconnect'

  4. Click on the black Connect button and select the photobook from our product catalog.

  5. On the product page, you will now see that it is possible to select the option to 'Upload print file' by clicking on the button with the three dots next to the 'Start Designing' button.

  6. Remember to update the mockup (if necessary), description, and prices before making the product available for sale in your store.

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