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How do I design 2-sided and folded cards?
How do I design 2-sided and folded cards?
Updated over a week ago

You can create cards using our design editor or by uploading a print-ready file. In both cases, the page layout is the same and you can use our templates for guidance.

If you upload a print-ready file you should submit one single PDF document containing all pages - both front and back for a 2-sided card and both outer and inner pages for a folded card.

Two-sided cards

For standard 2-sided cards, the first page of the design indicates the front and the second page is the back.


Business cards can be designed in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Folded cards

For folded cards, on the vertical orientation page, 1 in the editor represents the front and the backside.


Page 2 shows inside pages of the folded card:


The same principle applies to pages 1 and 2 when designing folded cards with horizontal orientation:

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