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How can I map my SKUs to Gelato product UIDs?
How can I map my SKUs to Gelato product UIDs?
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One of the most critical steps of the integration with Gelato API is to map the products you intend to print with our product UIDs.

The first thing to do is to find the product you want to print from our product catalog. You will find the product UID in the product page after selecting the format you want to offer.



Remember that the file you submit should include 4 mm bleed on all sides as per our design requirements.


For our 30x40cm Classic matte poster in vertical orientation, the uid is flat_300x400-mm-12x16-inch_170-gsm-65lb-uncoated_4-0_ver. The file submitted must have the dimensions of 308 x 408 mm with a content area of 300 x 400mm.


Please note that the availability of protection will depend on the specific product selected.


  • cards_pf_bb_pt_350-gsm-coated-silk_cl_4-0_hor will be printed on one side without protection

  • cards_pf_bb_pt_350-gsm-coated-silk_cl_4-4_hor will be printed on both sides without protection

  • cards_pf_bb_pt_350-gsm-coated-silk_cl_4-0_ct_matt-protection_prt_1-0_hor will be printed on one side with matte protection on one side

  • cards_pf_bb_pt_350-gsm-coated-silk_cl_4-4_ct_glossy-protection_prt_1-1_hor will be printed on both sides with glossy protection on both sides

Format (flat vs folded)

Please note that the format referenced in the product UID always refers to the final product after folding. For example:

  • Final product: A5 single-folded brochure in portrait orientation (below in blue)

  • File you submit: A4 flat in landscape orientation (below in grey)

  • Product UID: brochures_pf_a5_pt_350-gsm-coated-silk_cl_4-4_ft_fold-ver_ver

  • Note that each product has different paper options available. You may also need to select different paper configurations depending on the country where you are printing the files - i.e. USA, Canada and a few other countries work with the imperial standard "lb" while most of the other countries work with the metric standard "gsm". Examples:

    • cards_pf_bb_pt_350-gsm-coated-silk_cl_4-0_ct_matt-protection_prt_1-1_hor for Germany

    • cards_pf_bb_pt_130-lb-cover-coated-silk_cl_4-0_ct_matt-protection_prt_1-1_hor for the United States


If you are looking for folded products (either single- or multi-folded), this has to be specified as part of the product UID. We offer both horizontal and vertical folding. Please refer to the following examples for more information.

  • Vertical folding, vertical artwork orientation (e.g. folded-flyers_pf_a5_pt_170-gsm-coated-silk_cl_4-4_ft_fold-ver_ver)

In this case, you will submit a PDF in A4 landscape (horizontal) which will be folded vertically (ft_fold-ver). The final product will be a folded A5 document with vertically-oriented artwork (_ver).

  • Horizontal folding, horizontal artwork orientation (e.g. folded-flyers_pf_a5_pt_170-gsm-coated-silk_cl_4-4_ft_fold-hor_hor)

In this case, you will submit a PDF in A4 portrait (vertical) which will be folded horizontally (ft_fold-hor). The final product will be a folded A5 document with horizontally-oriented artwork (_hor).

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