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How do I install Passepartout to my existing framed posters?
How do I install Passepartout to my existing framed posters?
Updated over a week ago

You can effortlessly install a passepartout to the framed posters.

  • Prepare your framed poster

To install the, you'll need to remove the existing glass and backing from your framed poster. Carefully open the frame, ensuring you handle it with care to avoid any damage.

  • Position the passepartout

Place the passepartout on a clean, flat surface. Take your framed poster and carefully align it with the opening of the passepartout. Ensure that the poster is centered within, leaving an equal border on all sides. Adjust the position as needed until you're satisfied with the alignment.

  • Attach the poster to the passepartout

To secure the poster to the passepartout, you can use small adhesive tabs or acid-free tape. Carefully lift the edges of the poster and attach it to the back of the passepartout, ensuring it remains centered. Take your time to avoid any wrinkles or creases.

  • Reassemble the frame

Once the poster is securely attached to the passepartout, place the glass back into the frame, making sure it aligns correctly. Carefully insert the poster with the passepartout back into its original position. Finally, secure the backing of the frame to keep everything in place.

  • Display and enjoy!

Your framed poster with the installed passepartout is now ready to be displayed. Enjoy the professional and visually appealing presentation.

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