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Format conversion across regions
Format conversion across regions
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We use centimeters (cm) as the base measurement unit for our products. However, for orders destined for the United States and Canada, we convert these measurements into inches to align with the local measurement standards.

To ensure a seamless experience when ordering our products, we recommend the following:

  1. The conversion between centimeters and inches can result in slight variations in size. We understand that this difference may be critical for certain design elements. Therefore, we recommend to be mindful of the conversion ratio.

    • We provide a handy ratio calculator to assist you in converting measurements accurately.

  2. To accommodate the variations between centimeters and inches, it's advisable to leave a security distance between critical design elements and the borders of your artwork. This precaution helps ensure that no important details are accidentally cropped or distorted due to the conversion process.

  3. If your primary focus is on the US and Canada markets, we offer an alternative solution, such as Legacy Posters. These Legacy Posters are designed to match the local measurement standards.

If you require other wall art products with local measurements for US and Canadian orders, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager. They will assist you in selecting the appropriate products and guide you through the ordering process.

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