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What are the holidays order deadlines?
What are the holidays order deadlines?
Updated over a week ago

Our network of local production partners ensures that your products are produced as close as possible to your customers, which makes your business less vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and delays.

We will provide the estimated delivery dates for each of your orders. However, due to the increase in e-commerce volume and the high likelihood of delays, we, unfortunately, can not guarantee that orders that were placed after our holiday order deadlines will be delivered before the holidays. The earlier the order is received, the higher the chance of delivery before Dec 25.

Estimated order deadlines are published here.

Shipping times vary based on the size, weight, and destination zip code of the package. Our advice during this time of uncertainty is to encourage your customers to place their orders as early as possible to get the best chance of receiving them before Dec 25 and to be transparent about the possible delays and unpredictability caused by current world events to help set the right expectations.

For any query or concern with an order, our customer support team is here to help 24/7, you can find our contact information here.

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