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How do I estimate the price for shipping?
How do I estimate the price for shipping?
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You can find shipping information, including estimated delivery dates and costs, on each product's page in our product catalog.

Products with Flat rate shipping

We offer flat shipping rates for most of our products. This means that we charge the same amount to ship a product to all countries within the same geographical region.

You will be able to see a table on the product page with the shipping prices for each geographical region. The price indicated in the table shows the cost for the first product (i.e. if you order 1 item) and for any additional product (i.e. if you order more than 1 item in the same order).


Therefore, you can calculate the shipping price as follows:

First product shipping price + [ Additional product shipping price x (Quantity - 1) ]

Example (referring to the screenshot above)

  • 1 poster shipped to the US: EUR 4.40 + [ EUR 0.30 x (1 - 1)] = EUR 4.40

  • 2 posters shipped to the US: EUR 4.40 + [ EUR 0.30 x (2 - 1)] = EUR 4.70

  • 3 posters shipped to the US: EUR 4.40 + [ EUR 0.30 x (3 - 1)] = EUR 5.00

  • ...

You can read more about flat shipping rates here.

Flat shipping rates are automatically applied to your products when you integrate your Shopify or Etsy stores to Gelato thanks to these platforms' delivery/shipping profile features.

Products with no Flat Rate shipping

For all the other products, shipping prices might be different for each country (see the example below) and differ depending on the chosen shipping method.


Getting an exact shipping price calculation

You can always get live shipping rates by placing a manual order from the Gelato Dashboard (or when placing orders via our API integration).

You can also offer live shipping rates to your customers in your Shopify and WooCommerce stores through our integration.

We offer different shipping methods in different countries and this might affect the final price you pay. The quote in the Dashboard will also show you the estimated delivery date for each method.


You can read more about shipping with Gelato here.

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