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What is print-on-demand (POD) with Gelato?
What is print-on-demand (POD) with Gelato?
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Print on demand (or POD) is a process where you work with a supplier (like Gelato) to customize products with your own designs and sell them on a 'per-order' basis. In this business model, a customer browses a creator's ecommerce store and places an order, then a supplier handles the entire fulfillment process from printing to shipping.

Why print on demand with Gelato?

  • Minimal investment: Gelato is free to use, no minimum orders or leftover stock. Because the products are made on demand, you only pay for what you sell.

  • No inventory.

  • Scalability: We produce your products on demand and in 100+ locations worldwide — reaching your customers faster, while reducing waste, costs, and carbon emissions.

  • Simplicity: customer browses your store and places an order, Gelato handles the entire fulfillment process, from printing to shipping.

  • Customer support 24/7

In simple steps:

  1. Publish your products and start selling.

  2. Gelato takes care of the production and delivery of the order.

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