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How do I estimate the retail price for my products?
How do I estimate the retail price for my products?
Updated over a week ago

We launched the Price Insights feature, which will show you a distribution of prices for a chosen product. Please bear in mind, that prices are changed based on variants and countries selected.


Pricing Insights is currently in beta. This pricing curve shows what end customers pay - including discounts applied on Shopify, Etsy, or another e-commerce platform. Please consider your discounting strategy when setting prices.


  • What are these prices?
    Pricing Insight is a distribution of prices for a product within a specific country.
    This pricing is inclusive of discounts . So a poster sold for $50 with a 50% discount will show on this distribution as $25. Please note this and keep it in mind when you plan your pricing strategy.

  • How are they calculated?
    They are a mix of real data from users, the market, and some algorithms and logic built in-house.

  • What can I do with this data?
    You can use it as a guide to set your pricing, test new pricing, or explore which items might be worth adding to your store. Maybe you'll find a new country in which to launch a product - the sky is the limit!

  • Are these the right prices for me?
    You are responsible for determining the right price for their store. A lot of things factor into the price - how unique the art/design is, how premium your brand feels, the layout of your store, and more. Our intention is to show you an indicative distribution of pricing within the market to help give you a wider perspective of how pricing is set for a product and country.
    Note that Gelato is not responsible for the commercial results of any price change.

  • Why are there only price insights on some products?
    This is a beta launch. A wider launch (with even more functionalities!) will be coming soon - keep an eye out!

  • Do I need to pay for this service?
    In its beta stage and at this time, Price Insights are available to everyone.

  • Which countries/products is this available for in the first phase?
    Products: Classic Matte Poster, Classic Semi-Glossy Poster, Classic Unisex Crewneck T-shirt, Premium Matte Poster, White 11oz Ceramic Classic Mug, White 15oz Ceramic Classic Mug
    Countries: 'US', 'GB', 'CA', 'DE', 'FR', 'AU', 'NO', 'ES', 'IT', 'NL', 'SE', 'CH'.

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