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How do I create new products faster with an existing template or design?
How do I create new products faster with an existing template or design?
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To create a new product with an existing template or design, you can use the Product Template feature, a versatile and convenient tool to streamline your product creation processes.

This feature will allow you to quickly and easily create new products based on an existing template, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

  • What is a Product Template?

A product template is a pre-defined set of information that can be used as a starting point when creating a new product. It contains all the common details that a product may have, such as the product name, description, images, pricing, and more. This allows you to quickly populate the essential details for a product and focus on customizing the details specific to your store.

  • How does a Product Template Work?

A product template is created and saved on the account level, meaning that it can be used across all stores associated with your account. When creating a new product, you can choose to use a product template, which will pre-populate the product information. You can then review and make any necessary changes, adding any store-specific information, before publishing the product to the store.

  • How to use Product Templates?

Templates can be used during both product publishing and manual order flows. To use a product template, simply select it when creating a new product or placing a manual order. The template will pre-populate the product information, and you can then review and make any necessary changes.

Although currently, it is not possible to publish multi-product types within a single template, you can still publish the template to your online store and use the product expansion feature.

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