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Getting Started with TikTok
Getting Started with TikTok
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In the ever-evolving landscape of ecommerce, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for business growth. With TikTok emerging as a powerhouse platform for social commerce, integrating it into your store can open up exciting new avenues for reaching customers.

  • Option 1: TikTop for Shopify App

Through the TikTok for Shopify App, Shopify sellers are able to manage TikTok Shop as a sales channel within Shopify. Since you are already utilizing a Shopify platform, this app should enable you to fulfill orders placed on TikTok Shop through Gelato via your Shopify store.

  • Option 2: Place orders via Gelato API based on product templates

The Gelato team has developed a way for you to create templates in the Gelato dashboard and use those templates when placing orders via API. The benefit of using templates is that the print file doesn’t need to be provided each time an order is made. We've outlined steps for doing this in a document that can be passed along to you if this would be your preferred method.

  • Option 3: OrderDesk // TikTok Shop US integration

Utilizing the new OrderDesk and TikTok Shop integration could be a workable solution for fulfilling through Gelato for your TikTok Shop. I understand that your team has concerns with using publicly available URLs.

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