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How do I configure notifications (webhooks)?
How do I configure notifications (webhooks)?
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The Gelato API can be configured to send webhook events to notify your application any time an event happens on your order. Through the Webhooks section of the Gelato Dashboard, you can set up your preferred way to get information back from our API. Please refer to our technical documentation for additional information.

  • To add a new webhook, login to your account and select Developer > Webooks from the left menu. All the webhooks are displayed here. Click on Add webhook on the page.

  • Add the URL to be used for the notification and the method (GET or POST). The event type is preselected as Production Status Update.

  • Additionally, you can include authorization, in which case you will need to specify a Header name as well as a Header value. The authorization type is preselected as HTTP header. We recommend sending a test notification to verify that everything is working correctly.

Below you can find an example of a configured webhook. Once saved, you can edit it or delete it at any time.

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