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How can I move my Etsy products to Gelato in bulk?
How can I move my Etsy products to Gelato in bulk?
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Are you looking to move to Gelato and have hundreds or thousands of products in your store? Then this article is for you. In the dashboard, you are able to connect variants one by one. This is a great way when you have a couple of products and variants that you want to connect. When you have hundreds or more another approach is needed.

This guide is for customers who want to have their Etsy products fulfilled via Gelato.

How to start?

  • Contact Gelato representatives or your CSM to confirm your interest, they will provide you with the csv. file you have to fill

  • Upload your ready-to-print files to a hosting service (Dropbox is our recommendation, Google Drive is not supported)

We are going to make and share with you a spreadsheet where you have to fill in 2 columns:

  1. Product UID (The Gelato product/variant SKU that should be printed)
    The Product UID represents the product that should be fulfilled when the variant is ordered. To get the Product UID find the product in the catalog that you want to use. Select the right size, color, and orientation (or any other dimension) needed. Then scroll down and click on the blue copy icon highlighted in the below screenshot.

    Paste it in your spreadsheet in the cell for Product_UID for that specific variant. Repeat until all variants are done.

  2. File URL (The link to the ready-to-print file you want to have printed on the product/variant)
    In the column for File URL add a downloadable link to your print file.
    It is important that the link can be accessed without any login or credentials.

Paste the link into the cell of the spreadsheet. The print file can be in PNG, JPEG, or PDF format. Repeat until all variants are done. In case you are using personalized designs, you can just upload a blank image.

We have dedicated support for Gelato+ Gold customers. Please contact our Implementation Team at [email protected] once you have subscribed.

Finish the migration

Share the filled csv. file with our support team or your CSM. We will make the migration but we could not edit the design, so the file should be ready-to-print.

The import will then be run and all the variants in the sheet will be connected and start to be automatically fulfilled by Gelato.

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