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How much does it cost to use Etsy?
How much does it cost to use Etsy?
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This article outlines the costs associated with using Etsy as a platform to sell goods.


While Etsy doesn't charge monthly subscription fees, there are certain costs involved in using the platform to sell your products:

  • Store Setup Fee: A one-time fee of $15 USD is charged when you open a store on Etsy.

  • Transaction and Shipping Fee: Etsy charges a 6.5% fee on every transaction made through the platform. This includes the cost of the item and the shipping cost.

  • Listing Fee: A $0.20 fee is charged for each new listing and each time a listing is renewed. Listings need to be renewed every 4 months, but it's important to note that Etsy considers each purchase as a listing update. This means you'll essentially be charged $0.20 with each purchase.

Staying Updated

Etsy's fee structure can change, so it's recommended to stay updated by checking the Etsy website for the most current information.

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