How to optimize your site
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Your website is a visual representation of your online business hence the importance of having a website that represents your brand and your business identity.

Below we share some quick wins you can implement to optimize your site and increase your conversion rate.

  • Make sure your landing page looks reliable and provides a clear understanding of what your store is about within the first few seconds (avoid long and crowded pages).

  • Customize the top bar with shipping information, offers, and/or review scores.

  • Have a clean footer with key information: data privacy, website policy, shipping, and return information.

  • Add sustainability and local production information. Having a sustainable partner like Gelato can be a great selling point.

  • Build social proof by sharing the positive feedback previous customers have highlighted about your products and their experience buying in your store. More ideas for building social proof include:

    • Sharing comments, testimonials, blog posts, etc.

    • Develop public relations. Try to get a mention in a magazine or a blog post. Getting someone to write about your store and share it on your website will build credibility and trust in your store.

  • Create an engaging “About us” section. It is important that your customers relate to your story and connect with your brand.

  • Have great mockups. How you present your products is important, try to use real-life mock-ups. Join our subscription programs, Gelato+ or Gelato+ Gold, and get access to our mock up studio.

  • Use strategic colors. Color is important in neuromarketing to trigger behaviors.

  • Clear and clean checkout, make sure all payment methods are visible.

Lastly, test your website with your friends or relatives. What was their experience? Did they find what they were looking for? Take their feedback and continue to implement quick wins to optimize your website. Check out these additional resources to learn more:

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