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Best Packaging Inserts ideas to consider
Best Packaging Inserts ideas to consider
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Thank you note

A simple thank you can be a really thoughtful gesture to express gratitude that can help build loyalty.


Discount offer

One of the most popular and straightforward types of Packaging Insert is a discount offer. Though you can deliver these by email, including them right in the package ensures your customers will receive the offer in their hands instead of in their spam folder. Plus, it leaves them with a tangible reminder.

For example:

  • Free Shipping on Your Next Order

  • $10 Credit Towards Your Next Order

  • 25% Off Your Next Order

  • Free Gift With Your Next Order

  • Free Upgrade on Your Next Order


Product Information

If your customers feel valued, they are much more likely to repeat purchases with you in the future. That is why the earliest you invest in this, the more chances you will have of them repurchasing from your brand in the future. For instance, adding relevant product information in the Packaging Insert, if it is both useful and thoughtful, can leave the customer with a long-lasting positive impression of your brand — and prompt them to keep that useful Packaging Insert with them. Depending on your product, you could try:

  • How to care for your new product

  • 10 Tips on how to decorate with Posters

  • Ideas for displaying Posters creatively

  • How to create the perfect Poster collage

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