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Creating a blank personalizable product: a step-by-step guide
Creating a blank personalizable product: a step-by-step guide
Updated over a week ago

This article provides a comprehensive guide on creating blank, customizable products for your customers using Gelato's Personalization Studio, allowing them to add their unique touch to their purchases.

Creating Your Customizable Product

Follow these steps to set up your customizable product:

  1. Select Product: Start by choosing the product you want to offer as customizable.

  2. Add to Store: Click "Add to Store", then select your store from the available options.

  3. Choose Variants: Select the different variants of the product (e.g., sizes, colors) to add to your product offering.

Enabling Personalization

For Shopify users, follow these steps to allow customization:

  1. Enable Customization: In the editor, turn on customer settings to allow the adding and removing layers.

  2. Select Personalization: Choose the "Editor Personalization" option.

This empowers your customers to personalize their products by adding their designs, text, images, and more.

Publishing and Selling

After completing these steps, your personalized product will be available in your Shopify store, ready for customers to personalize and purchase.

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