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How do you ensure consistent quality globally?
How do you ensure consistent quality globally?
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We work with thousands of customers, both small entrepreneurs as well as large multinational companies such as Just Lyne, Mapiful, and Optimalprint. For these customers, consistent quality is crucial and they have been very satisfied with the quality of our products globally.

Here it's what one of our customers, Your Film Poster, said about us.

In addition, we work only with print partners who can ensure high-quality results thanks to the professional equipment used, the automatic machine calibration from Gelato, and the constant monitoring of their performance.

Also, we always offer a 100% quality guarantee on our orders and 24/7 Customer Support. Should you receive any feedback about a specific order, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll take care of that for you!

Finally, for Gelato to offer consistent quality, we have identified a group of print machine settings that we are rolling out to all our print partners - we call it the "Gelato standard". On a regular basis, our print partners calibrate their machines with these Gelato settings. Furthermore, for our platform to make the smallest amount of color transformations and secure your files are printed as intended, we require that you follow specific design requirements.

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