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About Gelato's production partners
About Gelato's production partners
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Gelato has the world's largest production on demand network, connecting 5 billion customers worldwide!

We carefully select each print partner, not based upon price but on production excellence and professionalism. Over the years of working closely with our print partners, we have also delivered technology that makes them more efficient. They, in turn, have provided us with printing insights that fuel our technology.

What we expect of our partners

  • A shared vision: To rethink production for the benefit of people and the planet.

  • Cutting-edge technology: We have a machine-agnostic network. Our partners use their expertise to select the most suitable equipment with the latest technology to meet customer requirements.

  • High-quality digital production: We take a metrics-driven approach and work closely with partners to deliver optimal quality products and experiences to the global creator community.

  • Simple-and-fast integration: With Gelato’s proprietary production workflow, partners that meet our requirements can integrate to the Gelato Network in just a few simple steps.

  • Work ethics: All our print partners must follow our production guidelines and ethics policy, and are subject to on-location inspections.

  • Sustainable production: Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. This means that we responsibly source locally produced products, uphold a sustainable value chain, and produce locally and on demand to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Our production and logistics network consists of 130+ production partners in 32 countries. This makes us less vulnerable to border disruptions and delays, and every year we deliver millions of parcels with 99.9% uptime. Your products arrive safe, on time, and with consistent and superior quality. Read more about were we produce locally here.

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