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Can I change the details of a BigCommerce product connected to Gelato?
Can I change the details of a BigCommerce product connected to Gelato?
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This article explains how to make changes to your BigCommerce products directly in Gelato, such as editing designs and product details, and covers how to manage product images and pricing information.

Managing Product Details in Gelato

You have the flexibility to edit your BigCommerce product designs and details directly within the Gelato platform.

Editing Designs:

  1. Access the Stores section and select your BigCommerce store.

  2. Locate the product you want to modify and click the pencil button to open the design editor.

  3. Make your desired changes to the design.

  4. Click "Continue" to save your changes and reflect them in your store.

Editing Product Title and Description:

  1. Go to the Stores section and choose your BigCommerce store.

  2. Find the product you want to edit and click the blue "Edit details" button.

  3. Update the product title and description as needed.

  4. Click "Publish to Store" to save your changes and update the product in BigCommerce.

Managing Product Pricing and Images

While Gelato allows for design and description updates, pricing and image management are handled differently.


Currently, you can only modify the retail price of your product directly in your BigCommerce store. This feature is not yet available in Gelato.

Media and Images:

For already published products, adding new mockups from Gelato to BigCommerce is not currently supported. However, you can upload new images directly to your products within BigCommerce. For detailed instructions, refer to BigCommerce's help center article on Adding Products.

To download mockups from Gelato:

  1. Go to your store's product page in Gelato and select the desired product.

  2. Open the design editor by clicking the pencil icon.

  3. Preview your design and right-click on the mockup images you want to download.

  4. Save the images to your computer.

  5. Upload the saved mockups to your product in BigCommerce.

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