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How can I offer Shopify products with free shipping through Gelato?
How can I offer Shopify products with free shipping through Gelato?
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Publishing a New Product with Free Shipping

When creating a new product, you can choose to offer to display your product with free shipping during the process.

In the product details section, simply select the checkbox next to Display with free shipping on your storefront. This will create a new shipping profile in Shopify and assign the product to this shipping profile.

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Offering Free Shipping for an already-published product

If you would like for an already published product to be displayed with free shipping, you can associate the product with the "Gelato: Free shipping" shipping profile.


You can read more about how this can be done in our article How can I add connected products to the Gelato shipping profiles?

If you are not able to find the shipping profile Gelato: Free Shipping, you may first need to publish an item to your store from Gelato with Free Shipping (as described above) for the profile to be created.

What will my customer see?

When your customer buys an item assigned to the Free Shipping shipping profile, they will see that the shipping amount is free during the checkout.

Although you are displaying the product with free shipping, you'll still need to cover the shipping cost when fulfilling the product, so we recommend that you add the cost for shipping to your product price.

In some rare cases, if the only available method will be Express shipping, your customer will still see free shipping in your Shopify while you as the store owner will cover the cost.


Free shipping may not apply in cases where an order contains items from various suppliers. This is due to the changes made to Shopify fulfillment as the location of the product that is processed in such order can change to 'multiple locations' and as a result products associated with Gelato could be displayed as sold out. For more details on Shopify Multi-managed inventory please refer to their Help Center here.

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