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How can I save my design in Gelato?
How can I save my design in Gelato?
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Files uploaded in the design editor

Up to 100 of your most recently uploaded images are conveniently displayed in the Files section when you open the design editor. You can read more about this in our article Is there a way to re-use recently uploaded images when creating designs?

Saving your products

If you have an ecommerce store connected with your Gelato account, you can add products with your design to it and add these products to orders. You can read about how to add products with our dedicated ecommerce integrations in the following articles:

If you do not have a connected ecommerce store, you can save your product designs to your custom store so you can easily add them to future orders without the need to redesign them again. You can read more about this function in our article How can I save my product designs to be ordered again in future?

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