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What Analytics options are in the Gelato App?
What Analytics options are in the Gelato App?
Updated over a week ago

To help you grow your business with Gelato and make better decisions with more data, we are launching Accounting functionality in the Gelato App.

You are eligible to access this feature if you have at least one integrated store (Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, etc.) for Gelato. If you do not have an integrated store, you can only access our 'basic analytics'.

With this Analytics feature, you can:

  • See individual analytics for a chosen store, e.g. Shopify, out of all your connected stores. OR see analytics for all your connected stores combined;

  • See data on Revenue, Profit, Profit margin %, Average order value, Total Gelato Cost, and Number of orders fulfilled;

  • See your top-selling products with Gelato;

  • Track sales over time with interactive charts;

  • See your top-selling products from your Gelato connected stores;

  • Compare your analytics data with a previous period.


This feature is only available on the Gelato App from version 1.4.3+, please update your Gelato App to be able to use it.

We release improvements for this feature continuously, so stay tuned not to miss further updates and enhancements! We'd love to hear your feedback on how to improve.

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