How to enter new markets
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Geo expansion is an opportunity to increase your targeted audience and open up to additional revenue streams. Let Gelato's global network help you grow!

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Being Sustainability one of Gelato's main concerns, we worked on creating strong relationships with 100+ printing partners (which provides customers with 129 local production hubs in 32 countries). As a result, your end customers get orders faster while reducing costs, waste, and carbon emissions, which simply means faster, smarter, and greener. This is the power of local production!

What should you consider before expanding?

  • Identify potential new markets. You could start with the same language countries, then translate your website as needed.

  • Review your product catalog and expand according to your geo-expanding plans: are any of your products adaptable to the new market(s) trends?

  • Research target market(s): culture, holidays, competitors, and why not, potential collaborators.

  • Have a marketing strategy and set a budget (test promos, marketing materials, ads). Will you stay profitable after entering the new market?

You decided to expand, what next? Here are some tips:

  • Keep track of international holidays and key e-commerce dates.

  • Research social media and popular local hashtags to find potential customers and collaborators.

  • Use your customer's purchase data to understand where your audience is based.

  • Create a tailored ads strategy to generate a presence in those countries.

  • Review VAT guidelines for each country and make sure you comply with legal requirements (Read more in our Tax Center).

  • Determine what markets are a 'good money-making' opportunity for you. Use our Retail Insights to explore both costs and pricing in different markets

  • Use our Price Setting tool and optimize your pricing strategy for each market.

  • Review local competitors to understand their approach (prices, collaborators, etc)

  • Look around for similar products and consider if you need to adapt your designs or perhaps change your strategy.

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