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How to enter new markets
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This article outlines how to expand your business into new markets. Discover how to identify potential markets, adapt your products, understand your target audience, and leverage Gelato's global network for success.

Expanding Your Reach: Tapping into New Markets

Expanding your business to new markets can significantly increase your customer base and revenue streams. With Gelato's global network, you can seamlessly tap into these opportunities. We've established strong relationships with over 100 print partners, providing you with 129 local production hubs in 32 countries. This means faster delivery for your customers, reduced costs and waste, and a lower carbon footprint. It's faster, smarter, and greener!

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Planning Your Expansion

Before venturing into new markets, consider these key factors:

  • Market Identification: Begin with countries that share a common language with your existing market. Then, translate your website and marketing materials as needed.

  • Product Suitability: Evaluate your product catalog. Are there products that need adaptation to align with the trends of the new market?

  • Target Market Research: Dive deep into the culture, holidays, competitors, and potential collaborators within your target market.

  • Marketing Strategy and Budget: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy with a defined budget. This includes testing promotional offers, creating marketing materials, and running targeted ads. Ensure that entering the new market will be profitable.

Expanding Your Business: Actionable Tips

Once you've decided to expand, here's how to ensure a successful launch:

  • Stay informed about international holidays and key e-commerce dates. Check out this ecommerce holiday calendar.

  • Research popular social media platforms and local hashtags in your target market. This will help you connect with potential customers and collaborators.

  • Analyze your customer purchase data to understand their geographical distribution. This data can guide your expansion strategy.

  • Create a tailored advertising strategy to establish a strong presence in the new market.

  • Review VAT guidelines for each country to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Our Tax Center provides comprehensive information.

  • Determine market profitability using our Retail Insights tool. Explore costs and pricing in different markets.

  • Optimize your pricing strategy for each market using our Price Setting tool.

  • Analyze local competitors to understand their pricing, collaborations, and overall approach.

  • Research similar products in the market. You might need to adapt your designs or adjust your strategy accordingly.

Additional Resources

Here are some valuable resources to support your expansion journey:

Gelato's global network and resources empower you to navigate new markets confidently. Embrace these opportunities to expand your reach and achieve sustainable growth.

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