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Design ideas for tote bags
Design ideas for tote bags
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In this article, we want to share some ideas for you to design your next best-selling Tote bag. With Gelato's POD services, creating custom tote bags has never been easier or more sustainable!

These design ideas are vague enough to create your own spin on each one, making a unique design for offering in your ecommerce shop for a broad demographic. Let your imagination wander as you read through these to determine where you'll start.

  1. Vintage tote bags
    The return of retro means tons of design inspiration for custom tote bags in stylish, vintage themes. Incorporate warm colors like orange, yellow, and red in your designs, and use funky fonts that evoke nostalgia in your audience.

  2. Farmer's market tote bags
    Many consumers look for tote bags for their groceries and Farmer's market trips to carry fresh produce, baked goods, and perishable items. This design idea is easy to spin off with your own take, so be creative and incorporate produce and farming themes in these designs.

  3. Beach tote bags
    A beach tote bag collection is an easy way to generate sales; everybody needs a durable beach bag that is easy to carry. Incorporate cute beach quotes like "Life's better at the beach" or "Take me to the beach" with a backdrop of the ocean for an idyllic scene on a tote bag.

  4. Floral tote bags
    Florals appeal to a large audience because they represent happiness, a fresh start, and positive energy. There are so many directions you can take with floral designs, for example, you could research a few flowers' history origin, and details to create a flower-description tote bag.

  5. Animal tote bags
    Cater to the animal lovers browsing your shop with a tote bag they can carry with their favorite creatures. Whether you draw the animals yourself or allow shoppers to upload a photo of their pet, animal tote bags sell in droves.

  6. Quote tote bags
    Choose from classic quotes and sayings to unique slogans and memes to appeal to various age groups and demographics. Humor is personal, making it a great personalized gift idea for shoppers. As a designer, inspiring your audience is a great way to encourage them to make a purchase.

  7. Food tote bags
    Design drool-worthy food graphics and images in a fresh style; use patterns, gradients, silhouettes, and other elements to develop an interesting spin on food.

  8. Minimalist tote bags
    For the modern minimalist style, totes with basic designs that are still meaningful will always sell. From plants to landscapes, single images can pack a punch without all the noise.

  9. Pop culture tote bags
    From The Office to Parks and Rec, viral TikTok trends, and the latest current events, pop culture is rich with design ideas that are just waiting to come to life on tote bags and other popular merchandise. Borrow logo ideas from popular TV shows or movies, there are endless ideas you can work into your tote bag designs.

  10. Travel tote bags
    Encourage shoppers to explore the world with travel-themed tote bags for every adventure, whether a day in the city or a backpacking trip through Europe. Adventure is out there, so inspire shoppers to see the world with a tote bag design that reads, "Adventure awaits!" Add a visual element like a sunset, airplane, or beach scene for a boost of motivation to get going.

  11. Retro tote bags
    As retro styles make their return to fashion, designers should get on board with these design trends ASAP. Retro is here to stay; embrace it, and you'll see a major influx in orders in your shop!

  12. Nature tote bags
    From foliage to plants, critters, crawlers, and greenery, there is so much inspiration to be found in nature for your tote bag designs.

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