FAQs Embroidery
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  • Q: What are the different types of embroidery?
    A: Flat, partial 3D, and 3D. For Apparel Gelato only supports Flat.

  • Q: Can embroidery be combined with DTG?
    A: We do not offer a combination of both as of now.

  • Q: What products embroidery will be available for?
    A: T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and hats to start with. More products will be available soon.

  • Q: What is the digitization of files and how does it work?
    A: Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting artwork into a digital file using software that allows embroidery machines to understand the needle's path. This process is not automated and is done with the help of digitizing partners.

  • Q: Can the Personalization Studio be used for embroidery?
    A: Embroidery is compatible with product personalization.

  • Q: Why digitization of files is a manual process?
    A: Digitization of files is a creative work as it requires defining stitch type, stitch directions, stitch density, and colors for professional output.

  • Q: What are different stitch types?
    A: Satin (satin stitch creates a smooth block of color with a lovely satin-like finish) and Tatami (tatami stitch is generally used for larger areas of fill in an embroidery design, which often will be the background for the lettering or other objects in the design).

  • Q: What are the recommended file specs?
    A: Vector graphics files (AI, EPS, SVG, and PDF) are highly recommended. Raster graphics can also be used if the resolution is at least 300 DPI.

  • Q: What’s the maximum number of stitch counts?
    A: For apparel and bags, the maximum stitch count is 15,000 stitches for the sleeves, left chest, and center chest, and 20,000 stitches for the large chest.
    For hats, the maximum stitch count is 10,000 stitches.

  • Q: What’s the maximum number of allowed colors?
    A: Max. 6 thread colors from a palette of 15 predefined colors.

  • Q: How does the digitization process impact shipping times?
    A: The digitization process takes up to another 24 hours to be completed. This is already included in the Gelato delivery estimates.

  • Q: How does the digitization fee work for embroidery products?
    A: Gelato would charge a flat fee for each embroidered region.

  • Q: Do you charge a digitization fee if I reorder the same product?
    A: No, we only charge once for the first order.

  • Q: Can I cancel the order for an embroidered product
    A: Yes, you may cancel the embroidered order while the status is "Digitizing" and claim a full refund. After this time, you will be charged a digitization fee.

  • Q: Can I reuse a digitized file from apparel or bags on a hat product?
    A: No, a digitized file for apparel or bags can only be used on these products, and a digitized file for hats can only be used for hats.
    This is because these products require a different digitization type.

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